SEE South

SEE South is Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs’ work to more intentionally invest in our Southern projects and Southern movement building infrastructure.

Why the South?

The South continues to have disproportionately high rates of incarceration, stark environmental racism, inadequate healthcare, failing education systems, disproportionate rates of poverty, and other social and environmental issues targeting people of color – but as a region, receives only $41 per person in funding compared to the national rate of $451.

Despite these challenges, with its long legacy of movement building, the South also continues to hold some of the most innovative grassroots projects responding to some of the harshest conditions with the fewest resources. SEE understands that this work is more important now than ever, particularly as work in battleground states faces backlash in the form of political attacks and deeper cuts to resources- and understands that investing in Southern movement building infrastructure is a strategic investment in movement building for social and environmental justice across the country.


With a growing number of projects in the South over the past several years and our over 25 years of experience as a fiscal sponsor organization, SEE has launched SEE South with the direction of some our Southern partners.

We conducted a brief landscape analysis of the South and determined that banking with a Southern regional financial institution was one of the most impactful ways we could strategically invest in the region. Situating a portion of the funds that our Southern projects raise within a Black-owned Southern regional bank further boosts the economy and affords Southern projects the opportunity to invest back in their own region, while remaining a project of SEE.

To learn more about the work of SEE South, contact:

SEE South
2533 Columbus St. #122
New Orleans, LA 70119