Individuals and social groups experience disconnection to nature in a variety of ways that is specific to their experiences, exposures, and socio-economic status. Traveling Hive seeks to provide a diversity of nature-education, and nature based programming, to encourage people of all ages to find their specific interest in, and engagement with, the natural world.


Traveling Hive was inspired by the honey bee; it’s sense of democracy, consensus, and kinship. We thought, everyone has to know about this incredible organism and all of the lessons to be drawn out of its life in the hive. Since our founding, it has become clear that people have been generationally shedding their connection to nature. Factors such as rapid urbanization, loss of biodiversity, and the rise of social media, have helped to sustain this loss.

Positive human connection to nature is an important influence on human health, childhood development, and support for biodiversity conservation. Through educational workshops, collaborations with artists, community-led habitat creation, and other nature-forward programming, Traveling Hive is dedicated to helping people of all ages reignite that positive human-nature connection.