To foster civic pride and active outdoor engagement in Los Angeles through Tom LaBonge’s core principles of volunteerism and service to the betterment of both community and our natural environment.


Minutiae of how a city works does not need to be unfamiliar or inaccessible to the average citizen, and when citizens are empowered to engage with their community, particularly in the outdoors, civic pride follows. In Los Angeles, whose sprawl covers nearly 275 neighborhoods, small works such as keeping storm drains clear of debris, weed and litter clean-up, championing native plants, and micro-reforesting with shade-supporting trees are all vital efforts needed in every part of the city for the present as well
as the future health of our environment. The largess of today’s world need not occlude us from understanding the value of what small local actions we can take both on our own and with the support of our fellow community members, as Tom loved to do.