Our mission is to build an inter-generational kinship base of BLACK queer, trans, and gender non-conforming (TGNC) people, gays, lesbians and bi (LGBTQ) folks who are connected by shared values across culture, gender, and class for collective safety, community sanctuary, and resource exchange.


Our purpose is to build kinship, for survival, protection and safety. Our purpose calls for us to transform our relationships to each other and community. We vision a South where people live in dignity and self-determination, where LGBTQ BLACK folks can thrive physically and economically. We vision a South where community safety and self-defense are paramount. We believe that creating sanctuary and kinship are critical to the survival of BLACK queers, TGNC people, gays, lesbians and bi folks, and we can build more community power and safety through the resource exchange, information, and capital. We also believe our purpose is to be active participants in our collective safety and our healing, and shifting the culture of fear, individualism and assimilation into one of shared consciousness and proactive responses.