The Hold Fast Project mission is to use the cancer experience to inspire, educate, and advocate for other cancer patients and for firefighters.


In order for cancer patients to keep forging ahead, they need inspiration and hope. The daily endurance through this disease takes perseverance and fortitude. We can encourage these people by providing a resource for cancer patients to witness others living with the disease and living life to the fullest.

Cancer is a killer for firefighters. Currently it is the #1 cause of Line of Duty Deaths for firefighters in the United States and Canada. Education and awareness of this problem are critical.

Educating firefighters with best practices regarding carcinogen reduction will be a huge focus for The Hold Fast Project. Educating the public and lawmakers about firefighter risks is important and further protective legislation is a necessity.

Lung Cancer kills more Americans every year than Breast, Colon, and Prostate Cancers. It is the number one cancer killer and over 250,000 Americans die each year from this disease. Lung Cancer has been deemed a “smokers” disease, and this stigma has encouraged lack in funding and research. Twenty percent of new lung cancer diagnosis’s are non-smokers.

People do not know our story because there are very few survivors to tell the story. The Hold Fast Project is here to tell the story.