The Devi Co-Op works to disrupt and create alternatives to carceral landscapes as, with, and for Georgia survivors of gender-based violence.


The Devi Co-op’s Survivor Defense Project (tdc-SDP) seeks to end the criminalization of surviving gender-based violence within the State of Georgia. tdc-SDP operates as a coalition of survivors, allies, family, and friends, inside and out, organizing survivor defense campaigns for pre-trial survivors facing conviction and incarcerated survivors serving life sentences and/or impacted by mandated minimum laws.

tdc-SDP is incredibly fortunate to be in partnership with Attorney Janis Mann and The Mann Law Group and Attorney Ellie Williams at the Justice For Incarcerated Survivors Project at the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence in offering pro-bono post-conviction legal services for the survivors tdc organizes with and for. Through a unique model of post-conviction participatory defense, tdc-SDP aims to re-negotiate sentences and advocate for the release of survivors who are incarcerated for their survival actions.