The Cup Foundation was organized with the mission of giving dignity to girls living in challenging environments by providing them menstrual cups and empowerment sessions, through a global campaign that informs of the girls’ circumstances, fights taboos associated with menstruation, and creates awareness about the benefits of using menstrual cups.


Children growing up in challenging environments face many problems. Often parents don’t have the strength or possibility to give the care, guidance or financial support the children need. This affects girls especially as they enter adolescence.The girls are not provided with sanitary pads and lack basic information they desperately need before entering adulthood. The girls sometimes use anything at hand during their monthly period like newspaper, cloth, feathers or mud, which may lead to infections. In some cases they see no other way but to have sex for pads, life threatening activities since they are not aware of what a condom is, don’t know how you get pregnant or what AIDS and other SDIS are. The Cup raises funds through a global awareness campaign to provide underprivileged girls a long-term sustainable sanitary solution (a menstrual cup) and give training in life skills as well as a long-term mentorship program.