To protect, promote, preserve and restore our Mother Earth’s delicate ecology, environment, natural resources and wildlife. To attain Environmental Justice in international trade marine ports, goods movement, transportation corridors, distribution centers, petroleum and energy industry communities.


The Coalition For A Safe Environment (CFASE) is a non-profit community based Environmental Justice, Public Health, Public Safety and Community Sustainability advocacy organization. CFASE was established in in April 2001 in the City of Los Angeles Latino community of Wilmington, CA. CFASE is involved in community organizing, family assistance, public education, public health care, public safety, leadership development, community empowerment, urban planning, community sustainability, economic development and public policy participation. CFASE conducts public health surveys, distributes public information, prepares research reports, evaluates environmental impact reports, investigates environmental incidents, prepares public comment documents, attends governmental agency public hearings, private business and community organization meetings. CFASE researches, supports and recommends the use of the zero emission transportation technologies, maximum achievable pollution control technologies, clean fuels, renewable energy sources, efficiency technologies, waste management and recycling programs. CFASE believes that we must plan and invest in a future sustainable community environment and balance the need for economic growth and the public’s best interests.