We believe it is our responsibility to create an international bridge focused on education, sustainable contribution, and balance integration of cultures; providing a progressive model of a holistic, charitable organization.


In an ever changing world we believe it is our responsibility to help balance the effects of the spreading of globalization. Realizing the privileges of growing up in a 1st world country, like the United States, at The Believe Service Organization we believe it is our responsibility to share our abundance with the native population of the land of Costa Rica, which is now our home. Through our ongoing education we are discovering strategies to help provide sustainable solutions for the healthy evolution of the native culture; to aid in the rapid transitions which are occurring in the rural areas of Costa Rica as westernization moves in. The Believe Service Organization is seeking to provide education, resources, jobs, and other services that will result in balance and long-lasting opportunities for the Costa Ricans. It is our goal to look in depth at the “true needs” of the people of this sacred land, and to do everything we can to return all that we have to offer in fulfilling our mission.