SJF works at the nexus of environmental education and action. Our mission is twofold: one, provide essential environmental education to future decision makers, and two, cultivate an education-to-action pipeline, empowering young people to devise and implement their own informed solutions to environmental challenges.


We are solutions-oriented and action-focused, aiming to empower the youth we educate and give them the necessary tools to implement climate justice solutions in their communities, such as renewable energy investment, municipal compost infrastructure, etc. Environmental curricula is nearly nonexistent, and the educational institutions that do offer climate instruction largely focus on the negative trajectory the world is on, without covering solutions and methods for positively changing this trajectory. This has
pushed many young people away from taking action in the present moment and from pursuing future careers in the environmental field. Our purpose is to give youth an environmental education that provides a comprehensive overview of the world’s largest problems and that draws a cohesive vision for what a better future could look like.