Southern Farm Lab (SFL) is a land-based project in rural Georgia that provides farmers with a set of blueprints for better understanding the justice-related history of their land and tools for not just soil healing but also social healing.


Conventional and industrial agriculture contributes to a host of environmental crises we are facing – climate change, water pollution, soil degradation, etc. One solution to these issues is an increased focus in regenerative farming practices which, at the core, are focused on healing. In supporting regenerative farming efforts, the focus has primarily been on farming practices that heal soil – i.e. cover crop strategies, carbon sequestering approaches, permaculture systems, etc. However, as a healing practice, this only captures part of what is needed. Because as a part of healing our soil, we also need to try to heal our social relations.

To achieve the above mission SFL will:

SFL is guided by a philosophy that regenerative approaches go hand-in-hand with confronting our nation’s agricultural and economic history in order to uncover strategies for healing and reparative business stewardship. We believe this practice provides a fertile and strong foundation for the regeneration of land and our food, and our best chance at climate survival.