To educate the public about the dangers of rodent poisons and how they affect our environment, children, pets and wildlife, and to spread the word about alternative methods of rodent control.


Rodent poisons, especially those containing anticoagulant ingredients, are a grave threat to the environment. Studies by the National Park Service, UCLA, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and others have documented the poisoning at the 90% level of wildlife in the open spaces of Southern California and beyond. Poisoned rodents are sickened but take several days to die, giving ample opportunity for the higher predators such as coyotes, bobcats, foxes, mountain lions, hawks, owls, and others to eat the poison rodents and in turn become poisoned. Our purpose is to educate consumers; businesses that sell rodenticides; and businesses, schools and other organizations that use rodent poisons of this problem. Our further purpose is to eliminate the need for poisons of any kind as we redefine our relationship with our natural environment.