Parenting Black Children (PBC)  is a  team of parents, special education teachers, social work interns, disability advocates, church ministers, foster-care advocates and others who have dedicated time to help to increase awareness, outreach and education of developmental disabilities, mental health and special education resources.

We provide support and resources to parents and caregivers of African Americans with developmental disabilities and those who are interested in understanding the signs and how to support the people they love. Our aim to as address disparities in communities of color and support families and caregivers to gain access to information and resources. We are not alone in caring for their loved ones!


Problem Statement: There are significant disparities in diagnosis and access to health and early intervention services to Black babies who are at risk of a developmental delay, difference or disability. Families are not getting access to timely and crucial information to support in identifying potential for developmental delays and or disabilities for their babies. 1 in 6 children ages 3-17 have one or more developmental disabilities California Ranks 23rd in screening infant and toddlers for development
Only 38.4% of California children birth to 3 receive timely developmental screening Children of color have lower rates of access to both screening and early intervention compared to white children. Children with a developmental concern may not be connected early enough or at all to appropriate services and supports
Early intervention can help. Children can be more prepared for school and life may have less need for developmental supports as they get older.