Montanans for Safe Wildlife Passage (MSWP) is a coalition of non-profit organizations and private citizens advocating for innovative solutions to maintain habitat connectivity and provide safe passage for people, fish, and wildlife across Montana roads.


Montana is known for its wide-open spaces and abundant wildlife. Roads can prevent wildlife from moving to meet their basic needs. Without safe ways for wildlife to cross busy roads, human and wildlife safety is at risk. Montana is one of the last strongholds for wild open spaces that can support iconic American wildlife. Roads and human development are making it increasingly difficult for wide-ranging species like grizzly bears to move across landscapes. Across the Western United States, transportation infrastructure is the primary threat to migratory wildlife like elk and mule deer. Montanans For Safe Wildlife Passage (MSWP) was formed in 2011 to bring individuals and conservation groups together to advocate for innovative solutions to improve and/or maintain habitat connectivity across Montana roads and provide safe passage for people, fish, and wildlife. Our members include individuals who have been working on improving passage for wildlife and aquatic species for over 15 years, including research, monitoring, policy work, mapping, and on-the-ground projects. Through MSWP’s partnership with the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) and Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP), the coalition is well-positioned to advance the implementation of wildlife crossing projects on Montana roads.