Mission Mycelium, like the invisible network of mushroom mycelium found in nature, is a dynamic rooted network that works to build and sustain vast, reciprocal, interconnected, connections that nourishes others to grow whether as social movements, organizations, or individuals.


Like the natural network found in creation that connects the roots of trees and plants and skillfully shares nutrients and resources to support the health of the entire ecosystem with which it moves, Mission Mycelium accomplishes the same for social movements and their ecosystems. Like mushrooms and their spores, Mission Mycelium is constantly growing, showing its ability to interpret its environmental circumstances and distribute nourishment to the social justice movements (spores) needing it the most. The word mycelium meaning “more than one” serves as a metaphor that no justice work is done alone. There are no solo acts and everything and everyone is interconnected into the web of the whole. Each organization or movement, like mushroom spores, develops individual and flexible characteristics, but always in connection with the communal mycelic body of the network of other
social movements.

Mycelium in nature and in movements believe in the collective ability to channel and receive nutrients where needed, protect against those who harm social progress, and expand roots into necessary sites of growth. The network process also fosters intergenerational relationships that welcome the myriad of ancient wisdom and connections that reside in older trees to benefit younger trees. These mushrooms affirm a commitment to building relationships of trust that encourage all life to bloom. Mycelium
is a fully open-ended and indeterminate dynamic structure that can continually respond to changing demands of our social movements.