Miry’s List fills gaps in the U.S. refugee resettlement system by providing a mechanism for people to directly help new arrival families with the things they need to restart their new lives- from diapers to beds, to housing support and travel loan repayment, and more.


Our approach is divided into three chronological pillars that start from our families’ first steps off the plane:


Brand new arrival families are in “survival mode,” often living in motel rooms, jet-lagged, quiet, confused and scared. The goal in this initial phase is for each family member to rest, relax, and do whatever they need to do to feel safe. Services offered in Survive include: temporary housing, meal and groceries delivery, emergency supplies like diapers, wipes, cell phones, car seats.


Once a family has moved into their permanent home, we begin the Hive phase of our program. Like swarming bees, we surround our families with the people, services, and things they need to rebuild their lives. Services offered in Hive include: Wishlist creation, English tutoring, playdates, grocery shopping trips, rides to appointments, resume editing and employment mentoring, pregnancy support.


Refugees no longer, in the Thrive phase, our families feel safe, empowered, hopeful, and supported. One way we can tell that a family has reached the Thrive phase is when they ask about volunteering opportunities with Miry’s List. Refugees in survival model don’t wonder whether their neighbors are struggling too — their own immediate needs are too pressing. Thriving neighbors wonder how they can help other people around them. Services offered in Thrive include: New Arrival Supper Club event catering, volunteer and work opportunities at Miry’s List, specialized workshops and classes, reimbursement for job-seeking expenses, car donations, travel loan relief.