MET UP is committed to changing the landscape of metastatic cancer through direct action.


Today, 250,000 women and men in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer annually with over 40,000 dying of the disease each year, and this number has hardly declined in 25 years. Additionally, only 7% of all of the research dollars generated for breast cancer is spent on metastatic disease – the cause of nearly 100% of deaths. MET UP’s purpose is to change these dire statistics through a number of strategies, patient advocacy, and direct action. MET UP is currently focused on changing the current distribution of research dollars within breast cancer to better fund metastatic cancers, to increase the number of researchers and grants directed to advanced cancer, and to accelerate the timeline in which this work is done. Much of the work done by breast cancer charities has focused on prevention for saving lives. Those living with MBC are excluded from this narrative – particularly if they were too young for routine screening, or had early stage disease that later metastasized. Decades of early prevention efforts have not reduced the annual death toll from breast cancer; MET UP stands as a new agent of change that empowers those most impacted by the disease to make change.