Healing Histories Project is a network of abolitionist healers/health practitioners, community organizers, researchers/historians & cultural workers building solidarity to interrupt the medical industrial complex and harmful systems of care.


We generate change through research, action, and building collaborative strategies & stories with Black, Indigenous & People of Color-led communities, institutions, and movements organizing for dignified collective care. For 500+ years, institutional systems of care have been evolving alongside systems of colonization, racism and white supremacy, and eugenics. While there have always been people and collective strategies that have centered the dignity and agency of those they care for and support, there has also been a continual history and practice that centers corporate profit, research without adequate consent, and the erasure or cooptation of cultural forms of care. The result of this is a Medical Industrial Complex that exists alongside and woven throughout the moments of intentional and respectful care. Our work shows that, while there have been multiple waves of reform that have brought systemic changes for some of us, these roots of inequality and extraction continue to grow and shape new medical strategies and technologies. Our work looks at the impact of systems of violence such as racism and white supremacy, ableism, and colonization on the shaping of care/health strategies by looking at its roots.