Green Streets is a social enterprise working to improve our environment, ourselves and our community. Green Streets offers environmental services for businesses, homes, market rate and affordable housing properties. We manage recycling & composting and educate our neighbors on how to reduce waste. We are young entrepreneurs investing in our communities by building careers and creating a better future.


Green Streets was born out of the perfect storm of policy, need and inventiveness. Operating out of public and affordable housing and employing residents with traditional barriers to employment including criminal backgrounds, gang involvement, low educational attainment and substance abuse, Green Streets has hired over 60 employees since their inception in 2010. The workers educate their fellow residents about recycling and composting while working with property and waste management to bring multi-family, affordable housing apartments in compliance with Zero Waste mandates in San Francisco, Richmond and Oakland. With hands-on support from business advisors and mentors, the Green Streets team manages all aspects of the business – including operations, business development, human resources and marketing. The work has slowly transformed their communities inside and out, with worker recidivism rates below 16%, retention averaging about 2 years and the properties being safer, cleaner and environmentally conscientious.