GCRI is a think tank that analyzes the risk of major global catastrophes and partners with key decision makers to put ideas into action. Our mission is to develop the best ways to confront humanity’s gravest threats.


GCRI’s purpose is to study global catastrophic risk and share our research with key stakeholders. Global catastrophic risk (GCR) is the risk of events large enough to significantly harm or even destroy human civilization at the global scale. Major GCRs include global warming, nuclear war, pandemics, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology. GCRI’s specialty is in studying the full range of GCRs and GCR topics in order to answer the big questions: Which risks should society be most worried about? How do the different risks affect each other? And above all, what are the best ways to reduce the risk? These are the questions that guide our research. Additionally, we recognize that research alone does not reduce the risks. Therefore, we also engage with stakeholders in government, business, philanthropy, and other sectors, in order to get the research insights where they can make a difference