Galgo Podenco Support (GPS) assists the Spanish licensed charity groups that are dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned and abused Spanish hunting dogs — galgos and podencos. GPS offers assistance in the way of financial support, practical help and facilitation of adoptions to the US.


Every year at the end of the hunting season in Spain, it is estimated that 50,000 or more galgos and podencos are abandoned or disposed of by hanging, maiming, and tossing into wells to name a few of the disposal options. These dogs are considered tools and not pet worthy. They are bred carelessly, kept in hovels, and starved for use in packs for the sport of rabbit hunting. Many are only used for a season or two before their rejection. This practice has gone on for decades and is culturally accepted. The maimed and starving hounds that abound in the countryside of southern Spain is a common sight typically ignored by the majority of Spaniards and many European expats. The purpose of GPS is three-fold: 1. Support several Spanish groups dedicated to saving the hounds by providing funds for rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming in the US and Europe. 2. Promote the cause by facilitating galgo and podenco adoptions that become Ambassadogs for their breed. 3. Generate awareness of the yearly genocide through social media.