We are tenacious and unwavering in our mission to ensure the rights of those we represent by transforming the institutions that undo the quality of our lives, FICPFM’s commitment is to elevate the input and expertise of those most affected by the criminal legal system.


FICPFM is a network of over 50 civil and human rights organizations led by people with conviction histories and their family members. As a part of our commitment to transforming society by transforming the criminal justice system, we advocate through direct organizing in the communities where we live and serve. We support the protection of voting rights and the promotion of voter participation of all citizens while working to foster a fair, diverse, and vibrant democracy that welcomes and offers opportunities to all. Working collaboratively and using multiple approaches, we have been deeply successful in securing alternatives to criminalization, restoring the rights of those previously criminalized and shifting the dominant narrative around people with conviction histories and their loved ones.

The Quest for Democracy Fund (Q4D) is a capacity-building project created and administered by the Formerly Incarcerated, Convicted People and Families Movement. FICPFM created and structured the Q4D network to broaden and strengthen the national base of organizations run by formerly incarcerated people. The project’s goal is to continue to build power and momentum in the movement – spearheaded by formerly incarcerated leaders – to restore voting rights, to engage historically underrepresented voters, and to ultimately transform the criminal justice system. In its support for grassroots organizations, FICPFM is providing funding and technical assistance to Q4D grantees to expand its membership into new geographies, adding organizational diversity, and strengthening its ability to craft and win national, state and local campaigns. As of now, the Q4D’s 35 organizations span 24 cities across 18 states.