Eat for the Earth makes it easier for people to eat more plants and less animal products to sustain all life on earth.


Eat for the Earth works to reduce the negative environmental impacts of animal agriculture by encouraging adoption of plant-based or plant-strong diets and supporting institutions to reduce purchasing and serving of animal products.

Animal agriculture is the major source of greenhouse gas emissions least likely to be addressed in climate plans and activism. Numerous recent studies have concluded that human diets must shift toward more plants and less animal agriculture as part of any successful strategy for averting runaway global warming. Additionally, the animal agriculture industry is also a major contributor to deforestation, air and water pollution, species extinction, land degradation, desertification, and numerous additional environmental problems.

Eat for the Earth addresses the environmental harm caused by animal agriculture through education, provision of resources to support dietary shift, and by engaging in strategies that change the contexts in which eating occurs to make it more likely that people will eat more plants and less animal products. By supporting the shift in human diets, our hope is that the reduced demand for animal-based foods will result in reduced production.