Creative Acts Fund is an organization that seeks to transform our most pressing social justice issues through the revolutionary power of the Arts; building community, raising power and amplifying the voices of the most marginalized to change commonly held narratives and improve opportunities for our most impacted communities.


The goals of our Criminal Justice Reform work are to change the narrative, disrupt the system and center those most impacted. We also work to change the narrative about the crucial importance of the Arts in this space- for healing, developing vision and power-building.

We create Arts-based workshops to enable difficult conversations, heal trauma and inspire leadership. We have seen the best results when we work as artists in partnership and in proximity with those most affected and are led by their thoughts and action. The most valuable part of using the Arts in this space is the non-threatening, fun approach, where learning is not predicated on pre-ordained results. The work is an indirect way to engender leadership and movement-building.