Conservation for Good catalyzes environmental protection work by providing practitioners and advocates tools and resources for creating social change and lasting impacts.


The purpose of Conservation for Good (CFG) at the highest level is to support a revisioning and refocusing of environmental advocacy/practice by helping practitioners work to create social value for environmental protections. Conservation for Good will support conservation success by providing practitioners with tools, resources, models, data, workshops, social research, a dialogue forum and more, related to evaluation, learning, and social innovation. These cross-sector tools can benefit environmentalism significantly. Currently, the environmental field does not gravitate towards interdisciplinary tools and is not exposed to strategies oriented to social change or integrating environmental concerns throughout social institutions. Environmentalists tend to focus more on ecology and biology, and oppositional activist tactics, which have not been particularly persuasive in modern political contexts. We have seen the results of an over-professionalization of the field; environmentalism is no longer a social movement and not as effective as it once was in many ways (of course the political context is more difficult). CFG will provide ideas and strategies that NGOs can use to further their effectiveness, distinguish themselves, use in fundraising efforts, and to generate different types of support.