Coalition for Rights & Safety for People in the Sex Trade is a network of individuals and organizations promoting self-determination, safety, well-being, and human rights of sex workers and people engaged in the sex trade through public education, policy advocacy, and other activities from empirical, harm reduction, and social justice perspectives.


We are a coalition consisting of individuals and community groups in Seattle/King County, Washington area working to change policies that impact people who engage in sex trade and their/our communities. Our local governments are promoting policies and policing tactics that are apparently intended to prevent sex trafficking and punish traffickers, but in reality they tend to increase criminalization, isolation, and vulnerability of communities that are already marginalized and diminish safety and rights of people in the sex trade. We are working to center the voices of people in the sex trade in our policy conversations and address a wide range of violence against and exploitation of our community members, including those at the hands of the State.