CEJ is a volunteer, grass-roots organization made up of parents, students and teachers within the Los Angeles Unified School District dedicated to struggling against institutional racism and the inequities, based on class and race, that exist within our school system.


Coalition for Educational Justice (CEJ) is a non-profit, grassroots, multiracial, membership organization that is fighting for a transformation in public education, so that schools truly meet the needs of working class communities, communities of color, and school employees. CEJ bases its work on the ideas that high-quality education is a human right, that human rights are the leading social and economic priority, and that a transformation of public education is fundamental to broader justice-based social transformation. In its organizing, campaigning, and political education, CEJ seeks to challenge racism, class oppression, sexism, oppression of immigrants, oppression of the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community, and imperialism. CEJ seeks to redistribute resources and to challenge corporate and management rights, while defending and expanding the rights of workers and those in working class communities and communities of color. In building, broadening, and recruiting to its social movement, CEJ welcomes all who unite with its vision, and is committed to democracy, multilingualism, multiracialism, and gender balance within the organization. In a very unique approach, CEJ seeks balanced representation among parents, students, teachers, and community members in committees and leadership bodies, with heavy representation of women, working class people, and people of color.