Climate Action Santa Monica empowers people to learn about climate change, locally and beyond, and directs their talents, habits and passion toward bringing Santa Monica to climate neutrality and community resiliency.


Recognizing the immediate and significant value of educating the public about climate change and helping them to adopt more sustainable behaviors, Climate Action Santa Monica (CASM) is working to engage the local community directly and proactively around climate change and climate action, and in so doing seeks to significantly increase climate awareness and the adoption of more sustainable practices and lifestyles at individual and household levels communitywide.

Santa Monica is already an exemplar among sustainable cities, thanks largely to the early citywide sustainability planning efforts, various large scale conservation initiatives and sustainability programs, and a City Government which has been actively pursuing sustainability in conjunction with its planning and policymaking for some time. Having exceeded many of the goals laid out in its last sustainability plan, the City is now in the process of formalizing a new Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP), which establishes new and aggressive goals that it will work to meet incrementally over the coming decades, with an ultimate goal of becoming a climate resilient and carbon neutral city by 2050.

If we are to be successful in meeting these new goals it will require communitywide participation. CASM exists to build understanding and to enlist the Santa Monica community-at-large as stakeholders in these critical efforts.