We seek to improve the quality of life in the greater Redwood City area through a coordinated program of education, outreach, and advocacy for tree planting, maintenance and support.


In 1998, Jane Taylor volunteered to help the Public Works Department track trees planted on Redwood City-owned properties. In working on the City’s database, Jane noticed that her hometown was sadly lacking in trees. She enlisted neighbor Jack Stephens to establish a group that would help plant and maintain trees in public spaces in Redwood City. Then-mayor Ira Ruskin and the city arborist supported the concept.


The pair established a steering committee and began to search for funding. In the summer of 2000, CityTrees was officially established. A grant for operating expenses was awarded by Safe Trees and a second grant to purchase trees came from California ReLeaf.

Since the beginning, CityTrees has fostered a strong relationship with Redwood City’s Public Works Department, which assists the organization in planting and pruning trees on city-owned property. CityTrees provides planning, volunteers, and tree expertise. The Department of Public Works provides infrastructure support.


During the last 20 years, CityTrees Board members and volunteers have planted nearly 4,000 trees and pruned over 4,000. Hundreds of youth and adults have benefited from educational programs and events, such as school plantings, tree walks, demonstration plantings, pruning seminars, and a hands-on urban forestry program for middle school students.