Change Better trains nonprofits to build like a start-up, think like a business, and succeed in what they set out to do—solve problems.


The nonprofit sector is a $3 trillion industry with over 1.5 million nonprofits in the US alone. But over a quarter of them are considered ineffective, and the problems they attempt to solve remain unsolved. If we want to crack the big issues of our time, we don’t need more nonprofits, we need better nonprofits.

That’s where Change Better comes in – to show organizations how to run a successful business and hold themselves accountable to their bottom line, impact.

We believe the best way to create change is from the bottom up – by working with promising nonprofit startups and helping them to disrupt the status quo. We work with small organizations that have proven potential for high impact. Through this model we are creating a new community of nonprofits and professional advisors, working together to strengthen the nonprofit sector.