Center for Natural Intelligence (CNI) is a collective of clinical experts and practitioners in the healing arts convened to innovate and develop methodologies to honor the healing potential that agents of expanded consciousness afford.

We incubate and disseminate our clinical findings through medical journals, podcasts, case studies, and popular media. Our goal is to further the efficacy, safety, and potential of mind/body medicine enhanced by legal psychedelic medicines to reduce suffering and encourage flourishing.


CNI connects and convenes experts from diverse lineages and healing traditions to create optimal new methodologies. We collate clinical knowledge that currently exists in the field and translate and extend scholarship from various disciplines. In developing novel approaches that combine consciousness healing practices, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, Eastern spiritual philosophies, and indigenous lineage practices, we seek to enhance and expand treatment efficacy and durability. As a clinical hub for the healing arts, we innovate, inspire and bridge with clinicians and academic centers to pollinate, enrich, and expand psychotherapy frameworks that fuse these divergent consciousness practices with psychedelic medicines to enhance therapeutic efficacy. We create approaches to move the healing paradigm decisively towards a wellness model, and in so doing support trauma recovery, psychological foundational repair to promote resilience and growth.