Capital Strategies for the Common Good (CSCG) is a community of campaigners, organizers, and activists that work together to fight corporate power using a comprehensive campaigning approach grounded in taking on the financial system.


Capital strategies provide ways to identify, target, and leverage the bankrollers of a corporation to win justice, equity, and power for working people, communities of color, and other marginalized groups across the country. If we lack an understanding of how the financial markets work, we are limited to using “protest” approaches to attempt to dismantle their power. Capital strategies is a way to identify points of leverage that threaten and undermine corporate interests and bring companies to negotiated wins for workers and communities.

In order to create campaigns powerful enough to fight corporations and push for the systemic change needed at a societal and policy level, we need a diverse set of organizations composed of people from high impact, marginalized communities across issue areas to understand and employ new strategies to take on the financial sector. In addition, we need to ensure they have the infrastructure to support their efforts at the local and national level.