Africa ASAP’s mission is stopping poaching of African elephants, and other critically-endangered species, by providing long-term, near-continuous aerial surveillance of the wildlife refuges where they live.


Africa ASAP will build, deploy, and operate aerial surveillance platforms and sensors to protect African elephants and other endangered species in areas where poaching threatens their existence. Our pilot project is planned for the Rungwa-Kizigo-Muhesi ecosystem in Tanzania (an area of some 45,000 square kilometers-roughly the size of Switzerland), with our base there to be in the Ruaha National Park. Africa ASAP will provide the airships, camera, and ground-control systems, as well as vehicles, training, and funding for operators of the ground station and rapid response teams. The airship will continuously patrol the area and operators will monitor the continuous feed of video information, relaying information about possible poachers directly to the rapid response teams-who can then interdict the poachers before they can kill animals.