23564 Calabasas Road, Suite 201, Calabasas, CA 91302 T: 818-225-9150

General Information

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What is SEE's EIN Number?

SEE’s EIN Number/ Tax ID is 95-4116679.

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What is SEE's DUNS Number?

SEE’s DUNS Number is 014525617.

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What is SEE's CA registration number?

SEE's registration / entity number is C2179086.

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Is SEE registered to solicit in other states?

Fundraising activities are regulated by state law. Many states require charitable nonprofits to register with the state before the nonprofit solicits any donations from residents of that state. SEE works to maintain compliancy in the states that require this registration. For more details on soliciting in other states, please contact Amber Segovia at Amber@saveourplanet.org.

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Who should I contact?

Accounting Needs/Financial Questions

Janneyra Verduzco, Director of Finance – Janneyra@saveourplanet.org

Justin Marvin, Senior Financial Reporting Analyst – Justin@saveourplanet.org

Marquis Siner, Supervisory Accountant – Marquis@saveourplanet.org

Alex Montiel, Staff Accountant – Alex@saveourplanet.org

Salina Arafat, Staff Accountant – Salina@saveourplanet.org

Miranda Kennally, Staff Accountant – Miranda@saveourplanet.org

Justine MacRae, Program Accounting Specialist – Justine@saveourplanet.org

Administrative/Grant/Donation Questions

Ashley Starr, Administrative Coordinator – Ashley@saveourplanet.org

Monica Ramirez, Administrative Assistance – Monica@saveourplanet.org

Employee Hiring/Independent Contracts/Volunteers/Other HR Questions

Sean McWethy, Human Resources Associate – Sean@saveourplanet.org

Debbie Lee, Contract Administrator – Debbie@saveourplanet.org

Taylor Bayless, Contract Administrator – Taylor@saveourplanet.org

Payroll/Benefit Questions

Janet Platfoot, Payroll and Benefits Manager- Janet@saveourplanet.org

AniGie Tjoens Platfoot, Payroll and Benefits Specialist- AnGie@saveourplanet.org

SEE’s Policies and Procedures Questions
Trevis Bird, Chief Operating Officer – Trevis@saveourplanet.org

Amber Segovia, Director of Operations – Amber@saveourplanet.org

Christine Laplant Gerson, Chief of Staff – Christine@saveourplanet.org

IT and Security Questions

Paul Fanning, IT and Security Specialist – Paul@saveourplanet.org

SEE Website Questions
Clarise Compton, Communications Associate – Clarise@saveourplanet.org

Telephone: 818-225-9150
Fax: 818-225-9151

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How are fiscal sponsorship fees determined?

SEE is proud that we have successfully managed to offer the same fiscal sponsorship fee of 6.5% since 2002. Our fee is known to be one of the lowest in the industry. Our intention is to maximize resources applied to the direct mission work of your project. The fee helps cover the costs of general operations such as maintaining a professional office and hiring experienced staff to support financial and administrative needs for our projects.

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Does SEE offer Legal Counsel?

The issue of legal matters is a very important one and should not be taken lightly by any project within SEE. Projects cannot enter into any litigation or contracts without prior approval of SEE. Furthermore, if a project is named as a defendant in any legal action, or if a threat exists for such action, SEE should be notified immediately. All projects of SEE must obtain written or verbal approval by a majority of the SEE Board of Directors before entering into any litigation.

Included in SEE's services are many contract templates that have been created by attorneys who have specialized expertise in contract law, and charitable law specific to fiscal sponsorship. If a project is presented with a contract that requires customization beyond the templates that SEE provides, the legal fees involved will be the responsibility of the project. If you need legal counsel and/or advice, call the SEE office.

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When does SEE process funds and make payments for my project?

Project funds are deposited on weekly basis every Wednesday and entered into Aplos, SEE's accounting software. All funds are photocopied prior to being deposited for record purposes.

Please note all project funds whether through outreach, a fundraiser, a grant, etc. need to be sent to the SEE office. Do not deposit funds in any bank account prior to sending to SEE, no matter who the check is written out to. This will instantly lose the tax deduction for donors.

Payables are processed every Friday. Payments that are made by check are mailed out on Friday via USPS. Payments that are made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) post to accounts the following Monday.

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How do I request a financial report for my project?

Contact SEE's Accounting Department if you need assistance in accessing your project financial information or need a customized financial report. Project financial information is available on-demand through our online accounting software Aplos. SEE's Accounting Department can set up a personalized training session on the functionality of Aplos. To contact SEE’s financial team, please visit our contact page.

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Does SEE need to review contracts and agreements?

Independent Contractor Agreements
As part of SEE’s fiscal sponsorship, we have developed a legal contract template with our attorney for projects to use when entering into an agreement with independent contractors.

If a contractor or vendor has questions about SEE's contract, we request that those questions are sent to SEE. Oftentimes SEE can help clarify contract terms to avoid changes that need attorney involvement and approval.

If a project wants to enter into a lease SEE needs to be informed. However, SEE will not co-sign such leases, an individual involved with the project needs to take full financial responsibility.

Other Contracts
Projects should submit all contract or agreement materials to the SEE office, allowing for at least a five working day review period (longer if legal review is necessary). This includes all grant proposals, grant agreements, vendor contractors and partnership agreements.

If an attorney is needed to review the contract or agreement, the project could incur a fee for service if the work required is outside of SEE’s basic legal services. The project will be notified by SEE staff before the paid services are performed.