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Human Resources

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I need a volunteer.

As a nonprofit organization, SEE and our project partners are allowed by law to have volunteers. All volunteers of your project must have a volunteer application and waiver on file with SEE.

For insurance purposes, any volunteers working with youth, disabled individuals or elderly must have a background check performed through SEE. A criminal record does not automatically prohibit people from volunteering.

Please make note that while it may be tempting to want to compensate a volunteer for their time it’s not recommended. By law, once you compensate a volunteer and turn them into a paid employee, you cannot have them serve as a volunteer performing those same duties again.

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I need to hire someone.

The first step to hiring someone is to determine if the project funds can support a paid position. The next consideration is if the person should be considered an employee or a contractor. The IRS has specific rules for this determination. SEE must ultimately determine if the individual is to be categorized as an employee or a contractor for your project per the IRS regulations.

Simply submit the Work Description Form to SEE and we will get the process started for you.

If you know the individual will be an employee, you can skip the Work Description Form and go straight to submitting the New Employee Form.

Why it’s important to make the right classification. If an employee is incorrectly classified as an independent contractor, the project may be held liable for employment taxes for that worker. There can also be penalties equaling up to three times the amount of the unpaid employment taxes to be paid for all the time that the individual was being paid in the incorrect classification.

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I need to post a job announcement or interview candidates.

Please note that included in SEE’s fiscal sponsorship services is a full service Human Resources Department. In regards to on-boarding employees, SEE’s HR Associate can assist with the development of a job description, salary ranges, job announcements and interviewing potential candidates. If you choose to lead on these items without SEE’s HR Associate’s participation, then please note there are certain obligations you must adhere to in order to ensure compliance with labor laws.

Job announcements and job descriptions must be submitted to SEE for review prior to publishing or sharing externally. SEE needs to receive a copy of the job description and job announcement prior to any sharing, as we need to ensure that it follows state and federal regulations.

After posting a job announcement, SEE must receive a copy of all resumes received in response to the job posting. This includes those that are not a fit and were not invited to an interview.

When interviewing candidates, it’s important to avoid asking any questions that can be inferred as discriminatory. SEE has a list of interview questions to avoid.

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I need to set up a direct deposit for payroll.

Employees may choose direct deposit for payroll by completing a direct deposit form and sending a copy of a voided personal check. The direct deposit form is not the same as SEE’s electronic transfer form and is for payroll only. Forms can be submitted to Janet Platfoot at Janet@saveourplanet.org.

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I need to conduct employee evaluations.

SEE encourages employee evaluations, and that they are performed by Project Directors on an annual basis. We have provided templates you can use for both supervisor evaluations and employee self-evaluations.

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I need to address a performance issue regarding an employee.

Contact SEE if you need to discipline an employee with a verbal or written warning, if you need to terminate an employee, if an employee is not performing their job due to a disability or if you need to discuss other discipline situations. Please note that SEE engages in progressive disciplinary practices and except in extreme circumstances, Project Directors cannot terminate an employee without consulting with SEE prior to any action.

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I am interested in health insurance and benefits for myself or my employees.

Employees working full-time at 30 hours or more per week are eligible to take part in SEE’s group health insurance plan. This plan includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, long-term disability coverage, identity protection, employee assistance program (EAP), flexible savings account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) and pet insurance. SEE offers paid-time off for full-time employees at 30 hours or more and a 403(b) retirement plan for employees at 20 hours or more.

SEE’s current policy is 100% employer paid premiums. This means that Project Directors must consider this cost of the monthly premiums in the project budget on top of the gross salary of the employee. Contact SEE with questions about health insurance and other benefits.

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I have questions about my own health insurance coverage or making a claim.

Ease Central is SEE’s health insurance portal and can help you file a claim or navigate other issues with coverage. Log in here to access the portal. If you need login information or need additional help, contact Janet Platfoot at Janet@saveourplanet.org.

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I have a question about Workers' Compensation.

By law, SEE must provide Workers’ Compensation Insurance to all employees working in states that require such coverage. The fee for Workers’ Compensation is subject to change. If you are aware of any matters that may require this insurance, please contact Monique Gutierrez, SEE’s Human Resources Director, at Monique@saveourplanet.org.

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I, or one of my employees, need to take a leave of absence.

Employees may submit a leave of absence request to SEE for review and approval. There are many different types of leave the employee may request, including federal/state mandated leaves as well as voluntarily leaves offered exclusively by SEE. These leaves are explained in the Employee Handbook given to employee upon on-boarding. For more information on leave of absences, please contact Monique Gutierrez, SEE’s Human Resources Director, at Monique@saveourplanet.org.