Our mission is creating Rites of Passage and cultivating a community of mentors, teachers, and elders. We strive to help reduce suicide, drug, alcohol, crime, recidivism and violence rates among youth and veterans, and assist with successful reintegration of veterans back into their community, including decreased sense of alienation and higher rates of happiness and self esteem.


The Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation’s (“Roots and Wings”) purpose is twofold: our primary mission is to provide guidance and adequate preparation to youth and veterans for closures and openings at each stage of life: childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adult, adult to elder, elder to ancestor. Our corollary purpose is to provide Rites of Passage that initiate youth and veterans to be responsible and purposeful adults, thereby eradicating the levels of violence, suicide, gangs, and drug use among the youth and veterans through a cultivation of a deeper understanding and connection to nature and Elder Wisdom.