To improve the quality of life of underrepresented and marginalized residents of California’s Central Valley by promoting social and environmental justice issues through youth outreach, education, technology, and art.


VIP’s 5 Areas of Purpose are:

  1. Environmental Justice and Public Health: VIP works to promote the good health of people and the planet by emphasizing natural and sustainable agriculture and environmental practices.
  2. Youth Outreach and Alternative Education: VIP works to provide local young people, and other community members, with productive recreational activities and with socially and culturally relevant and accurate educational workshops and literature.
  3. Homeless Outreach and Empowerment: VIP works with community members that are without stable living conditions to help find the resources they need.
  4. Tenant/Worker Rights and Solidarity: VIP works with local residents being harassed or treated unfairly by their landlords or employers and assists in building solidarity amongst them.
  5. Law Enforcement/Prison/Immigration Accountability: VIP works to ensure police, immigration, prison, and jail officials and institutions are held accountable for their actions in cases of abuse and corruption.