Founded on the principles of Black liberation, the Black Sex Worker Collective (BSWC) is committed to Black leadership that confronts systemic power structures, dismantling the root causes which intersect with labor, immigration, reproductive rights, accessibility rights, gender equality and sex worker rights.


The rights of sex workers have been and are under attack in the United States, impacting our lives through impoverishment, incarceration, and violence. As a Black-led collective with members representing marginalized communities, we are aware that current policy directions in the U.S. will be further devastating for Black, trans and other marginalized populations, as well as directly affecting communities of color all the while strengthening the prison industrial complex off our backs. The moral and legal panic of sex has left the sex worker community vulnerable but, by extension, it has also illuminated labor discrimination and dictating what work is, who is allowed to work, and how. We aim to push forward with our work in the arts through politicizing, visibility, activism, and advocacy for the rights of sex workers.