Smarty Pants creates educational media designed to teach kids science and inspire environmental stewardship.


Smarty Pants creates content to help teachers, promote science education and environmental awareness, and to empower youth of all backgrounds to make a positive impact in the world. Today our environment faces increasing degradation. In order to solve global environmental problems, we need to understand science and the world around us. The United States falls behind in science education compared to other nations, and has fewer graduates of science, engineering, math and technology (STEM) subjects. Smarty Pants aims to reverse this trend and spark students’ interest in science, especially in those upper elementary years when teachers often struggle explaining science topics and when students often lose interest. Smarty Pants’ educational media is aligned with nationwide science standards, uses the environment as a context for learning, and is in the style of a live-action TV show in order to engage students and inspire the next generation of environmental stewards and leaders.