Our mission is to create community spaces that support healing and provide therapeutic tools to defend against the invisible wounds that American Veterans bring home from war.


To follow in the footsteps of the world’s indigenous peoples, no longer permitting the warrior to carry the burden of war alone and instead, as a community we Serve the Warrior.
To offer Veterans a wide range of art and holistic therapies facilitated by experts in their respective fields.
To provide a safe, inspiring, and focused space for healing to take place.
To present practical tools and techniques for Veterans to take home and apply in daily life.
To enable our Veterans to recover their missing peace and return to socially engaging and productive lives.

Our vision is to give back to our Veterans by offering healing and wellness themed programming and events that encompass both traditional and nontraditional healing modalities. STW programs are offered virtually, locally, and nationally, and include a nonpartisan, national, annual retreat that expands across the country with programming specifically catered to each community.