RISE brings yoga and wellness education to schools and youth organizations to help teens develop a healthy lifestyle, and to empower youth to respond to life’s challenges in constructive ways.

The core purpose of RISE is to empower adolescents to be agents of change in the world by helping students proactively examine and improve their health, lives, relationships, and communities. Through the physical practice of yoga, wellness education, and community building, students develop inner resources to respond to life’s challenges in healthy ways. Our innovative curriculum aims to help students reduce stress, increase attendance and retention rates, and improve academic achievement. The program’s comprehensive approach develops students’ social and emotional skills and inner integrity, empowering them with a spirit of service to positively contribute to their community. RISE currently focuses on bringing yoga programming to underserved populations in the public schools, though we intend to broaden our reach to communities at other socio-economic levels. To provide further support for the students outside of the RISE classroom, our program offers workshops, classes, and trainings to parents, teachers and school staff.