The goal of Leap LA is to transition the city of Los Angeles from being an extractive, fossil fuel based-economy to one that is rooted in the principles of restoration, ecological balance and intersectional justice.


We seek just transition to a fossil fuel free Los Angeles by the year 2025, which is to be achieved through a lens of intersectional justice and a restorative, regenerative economy, accessible to all Angelenos. The first benefits of a clean energy economy must prioritize the health, wellness, and self-determination of frontline and fenceline communities, including economic and job development, and retraining and job placement of equal pay.

The city of Los Angeles was built by oil, and by extraction is embedded in the fabric of our economy. To this day, LA remains the largest urban oil-producing region in the country, a fact that is often overlooked as the communities that bear the largest health and safety risk burden are overwhelming communities of color. By failing to engage these same communities in decision making, we risk repeating a colonial, top-down approach towards development work that has a little community buy-in, and consequently little chance of achieving our primary mission. Furthermore, the recent catastrophic events in our city – devastating fires and droughts- severy as grim reminders that ultimately, climate change knows no business.

That’s why a group of longstanding community organizations and labor unions are laying the groundwork for a multi-sector mobilization unlike anything seen since World War II- to transform our society while transforming the systems on which we depend. We believe that we can solve these multiple, intersecting crises if we can harness the power of our own city’s diverse and vibrant social movements in partnership with the City of Los Angeles. Together we can clean our air, water, and soil, build truly affordable and accessible public transportation, change the way we grow and distribute our to, and create new and better water to live and work.

Our goal as an emerging coalition of sustainability leaders in Los Angeles is to strategically engage with key allies to re-envision a non-extractive economy in Los Angeles – one centered upon justice, health, and equity. Our long-term goal is to create a replicable template for how we can- and must redesign our cities, to prioritize the health and wellness of marginalized communities while also addressing the urgency of the climate crisis.