GoWild Foods is transforming environmental problems into America’s next generation of wild, healthy foods that restore native ecosystems and strengthen local economies.


America is home to myriad plant and animal species that are highly nutritious and widely consumed outside of the U.S., but are considered here to be overly abundant, nuisances, and even invasive. Our purpose is to harness this huge biomass of nutritious abundant species proliferating in the American wilds to build a food system that is inherently responsive to nature, where nourishing our bodies creates a net positive for the planet – restoring native ecosystems and strengthening local economies.

GoWild Foods is identifying these species and transforming them from environmental problems into uniquely nutritious and environmentally responsible foods.

Our first species focus is Silver Skipper, also known as silver carp, a member of the Asian carp family that was introduced to the U.S. in the 1970s and is now considered invasive in 17 states throughout states of the Lower and Upper Mississippi River Basin.