The mission of Global CPR is to create thoughtful media and advocacy projects honoring the world’s last great places—with Conservation, Protection and Resilience.


Global CPR begins at the local level by highlighting stories of wildlife living in urban areas: Bay Wild – a video and multimedia project that documents wildlife in cities. How does wildlife manage to coexist with people in and around the world’s largest metropolitan areas? America’s unique historic corridors are being highlighted with a guidebook, website and app called the National Trails Guide. (Website: http:\www.nationaltrailsguide.com) This effort promotes the 30 long-distance trails spread across America that encompass the National Trails System. Many people are aware of the Appalachian Trail but now the National Park Service is in need of help in publicizing the other trails–as well as working towards the expansion of trail corridors and the protection of adjacent wildlands. Bill Buck has walked segments of all 30 national trails, traveled to 50 states, and in the process compiled a huge collection of photos and book content, which is now being written into a guidebook format. The guide is scheduled to be published in 2016, honoring the Centennial celebration of the National Parks.