Brazil Without Barriers’ (BWB) mission is to build dreams, transform lives, and increase social and economic equality in Brazil. We aim to break down the barriers of social and educational change by a) strengthening community-based organizations that educate and empower; b) providing opportunities, tools, and resources; c) supporting leadership, mentoring, and teacher training; d) preserving Afro-Brazilian arts and culture; and e) facilitating global awareness and cultural exchanges.


Brazil Without Barriers has been created to increase social, educational, and economic equality for the many individuals living in severe poverty in Salvador, Bahia – Brazil.

We team with a local partner, Asociaçao Beneficiente Cultural e Religiosa Cajado de Prata (ABCR), who run an outreach program in the favela neighborhood. ABCR offers free classes for children and adults in computer literacy, arts and crafts, basketball, music, capoeira and traditional African embroidery. Since they opened their doors in May 2009, they’ve maintained an average of 80-100 students registered for their classes, over 75% of them are young children.

Brazil Without Barriers provides international support to ABCR so they can continue operating their outreach center activities, improving life in their community, and creating a more equal society.