Anthophilous is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of pollinator populations and their habitats. Our flagship program, The Honeybee Conservancy, was established to inspire people and communities to act as stewards for bees and their natural environment.


Since 2006, more than three million honeybees in the U.S. and billions worldwide have mysteriously died. The collapse in the honeybee population is significant because, according to the USDA, about one in three mouthfuls of food we eat directly or indirectly benefits from honeybee pollination. The USDA states that this die-off threatens nearly 100 commercial crops–or $15 billion worth of crops–that require honeybee pollination. In 2008, U.S. farmers told a U.S. House Agriculture subcommittee that the honeybee crisis could result in up to a ten-fold increase in food prices. This decline, which has been termed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), does not have a known cause. Pesticides, habitat loss, parasites and loss of biodiversity are the suspected culprits.

At The Honeybee Conservancy (HBC), we believe that one of the best ways to increase awareness about the many benefits of honeybees and to decrease colony collapse is through education and outreach. By educating people about the importance of bees, HBC will be ensuring that there will be people who understand the integral role that bees play in all of our lives for years to come.