Category: Animal Welfare

Serpent Sanctuary


The mission of The Serpent Sanctuary is to provide a place for unwanted reptiles to live out their lives at the sanctuary or with qualified adopters and to help stop the neglect of reptiles through education.


The Serpent Sanctuary was developed to be a shelter for unwanted, neglected or abandoned reptiles. Reptiles require special care that most humane societies and animal shelters are not prepared for or aware of. Many of them do not have facilities to handle large constrictors or iguanas. We will be a safe place for these animals to go until they can be adopted or will stay with the sanctuary and help educate people about these creatures. Education is our main focus. In order to stop abuse to reptiles (or to any animal for that matter), people and pet stores both need to be educated. The Serpent Sanctuary goes to local reptile shows and humane societies to raise awareness about reptiles and the care they need.