Advocates for Community Alternatives builds an ecosystem of advocates and experts who collaborate with communities to defend West African communities’ rights and help the communities pursue their own vision of development in the face of destructive resource extraction operations driven by foreign investment.


ACA seeks to create a world in which communities in West Africa have access to the professional services and resources necessary to defend their rights, articulate and advocate for their own vision of development, and avoid the abuses of government-sanctioned, unchecked foreign investment. Our partner communities currently face the worst effects of globalization but realize very few of the benefits, and they chronically lack the support and resources necessary to change this dynamic. With ACA’s collaboration, they will have a voice in the decision-making processes that affect them. Their views will be recognized in courts and policy arenas, and they will be able to significantly affect the outcome if they choose to resist extractive projects or seek remedies for human rights harms. With these enhanced capacities, they will be able to avoid the environmental degradation, corruption, violence, and economic deprivation that often afflict communities in the wake of extractive operations and other destructive development projects.