SEE Projects

With additions to SEE’s project directory, we have also expanded the areas in which SEE’s mission is carried out. We now have eight categories in which SEE projects work within. They are the following:

Animal Welfare:

The SEE projects working in this area focus on conservation and the avoidance of abuse and exploitation of animals.

Civic Engagement:

SEE has many projects promoting the quality of life in a community through non-political processes.

Community Development:

We have several leaders, activists, and involved citizens engaging in collective action to generate solutions to common problems.

Environmental Sustainability:

SEE currently supports many groups dedicated to conserving and promoting sustainability in the environment so that future generations will have enough resources to meet all their needs.

Food Stability:

Many organizations are joining and revolutionizing this movement on how best to improve the sustainability of our complex food and farming system.

Healthy Communities:

Grassroots efforts have emerged into frontline action for groups working towards the fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens in their local neighborhoods.

Human Rights:

In this realm of social justice several SEE projects helped fight and defend equality and freedom to ensure certain standards are guaranteed as fundamental rights granted to everyone.

Youth Development:

Inspiring SEE leaders and advocates continuously implement programs to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills, and abilities.