Thinking of Starting a Nonprofit Organization?
SEE's fiscal sponsorship services are intended to support individuals and groups
that want to start a nonprofit, but don't yet have 501(c)3 status.  With a fiscal
sponsor you can accept donations and apply for grants! Apply now to become a
fiscally sponsored by SEE

Start the process of becoming a project - click here for the application

                                                             - SEE Project, Accountability Counsel

Fiscal sponsorship is an innovative way to test new approaches to solving
issues and creating change in your community without having to establish a
new, separate nonprofit organization.

Projects operating with a fiscal sponsor are then able to apply for donations,
grants and fellowships only available to tax-exempt charities.

      - SEE Project, Artists for Elephants                 - SEE Project, Green Schools Initiative

SEE manages the administrative side of your nonprofit, so you can spend all your
time and energy focused on mission critical work. SEE processes your donations
and grants, manages payroll, keeps up with compliance and ensures your filings
are kept up to date.  The practices are of particular interest to large funders to
ensure donations and grants will be managed according to best practices and
guidelines established by the state and IRS.

The cost of working with SEE is minimal. The fiscal sponsorship services
offered by SEE are sustained by allocating 6.5% of revenue raised by your
project. You pay as you go with SEE since the fees are based on revenue.  

For a
STEP by STEP guide to becoming a project click here.

See our Application and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Contact Johana Cruz, SEE's Office Coordinator with questions: 818-225-9150